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The Psychic & Intuitive Abilities Wisdom Collection 2023

Unlock access to multiple bonuses showing how you can perceive and interpret psychic messages, intuition, and your sense of “inner knowing” to navigate life’s complexities.

This package gives you INSTANT and ongoing access to:

Streaming Videos of the sessions in the 2023 2023 Psychic & Intuitive Abilities Summit series — watch on any connected device

Audio Recordings of the sessions in the 2023 2023 Psychic & Intuitive Abilities Summit series — listen on any connected device

PDF Transcripts of sessions to refer back to, follow directions, take notes, highlight, and search for keywords

Your BONUS PACKAGE of FIFTEEN bonuses contains an exclusive 90-minute master practicum, popular Shift course samplers, audio books, meditations, and supplemental tools that will guide you deeper into your abilities (already a $500.00 value!)

Regular Price: $247


You’ll receive INSTANT ACCESS to these BONUSES when you act NOW:

Entering 5th-Dimensional Consciousness

A Master Practicum With Sarah Elkhady

In this master practicum created exclusively for The Shift Network, Sarah Elkhady will explore your core essence that dwells within the heart center — your intrinsic energy signature that resides beyond the level of the mind and gets animated and projected into this Universe and beyond. She’ll guide you through an exercise to expand your core essence, allowing you to reach a higher dimensional state of consciousness where you’ll feel and sense your elevated nature as you start to shift into 5th dimension consciousness. 

Develop Your Psychic Abilities

An 80-Minute Master Practicum With Heather Regal Salmon

In this master practicum created exclusively by Heather Regal Salmon for The Shift Network, she’ll introduce the topics of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and explain how expanding these capabilities can increase your ability to perceive and interpret your intuition, inner knowing, and psychic messages. She’ll lead you through a comprehensive series of “energy prep steps,” then guide you through an exercise to activate Merkaba — your spiritual light body — allowing you to connect with your higher self on a conscious level.

Translate Intuitive Vibes Into Meaningful Psychic Messages

A Guided Video Meditation With Cyndi Dale

The majority of your psychic or intuitive input is empathic — either physical, emotional, knowing, or conscious. So how do you interpret what these particular body sensations or other mysterious messages might actually mean? In this meditation, Cyndi Dale will show you how to move the subtle energy through your energetic system (chakras) to turn physical and mental sensations into clearer intuitive or verbal messages.

Sparkles From the Spirit World: Shimmering Spiritual Truths

A Video Teaching With Suzanne Giesemann

Your loved ones on the other side can often find very creative ways to get messages to you. Intuitive medium Suzanne Giesemann shares a true story demonstrating how Susan, her stepdaughter in spirit, used sparkles, perfect timing, and a public stage to share a message that not only provided special validation for Suzanne, but a powerful spiritual Truth for all of us. Susan’s message from the other side may change your life forever when she shares spirit’s answer to “Who am I?”

Energy Tune-Ups for Intuitive Abilities

An Intro Plus Three Audio Meditations From Joy Taylor

These energy tune-ups from summit co-host Joy Taylor have been explicitly designed to align you with Source and your soul, elevating your frequency to reveal and receive your highest good. The first meditation guides you through a natural clearing of your energy centers and regulates your nervous system. The second meditation centers you into your heart space, opening you to greater love and truth. The third meditation inspires you to act clearly on what is yours to do, say, and be — with courage and confidence. 

How to Perceive and Interpret Auras

A 10-Page eGuide From Tina Zion

Auras and chakras contain revelatory surges of information unique to each individual. By reviewing this eguide from medical intuitive expert Tina Zion, you’ll discover how to perceive electromagnetic information emanating from a person’s aura, and then be able to interpret (and share) the wisdom of that information... a person’s past choices and decisions… genetic heritage… ancestral influences… upbringing… food preferences and nutrition… relationships… current life experiences… life history… past lives… and intergalactic realms.

Bringing Heaven Home

A 3-Part Audio Immersion Program With James Van Praagh

James Van Praagh is hailed throughout the world as a mediumship pioneer, and is one of the most widely recognized spiritual mediums working today. In this unique bonus, he’ll guide you through a series of profound exercises that will help you experience heaven in your life now. You can expect to have more meaningful conversations with your dearly departed loved ones, and discover how to heal grief and loneliness by using a process designed to help you connect with your guides, angels, and loved ones on the other side. 

Be prepared for:

  • Your loved ones in Spirit to give you specific signs to look for in the coming days 
  • Spirit to take you on a tour of a house in heaven which is infused with powerful guidance 
  • Opportunities to heal​ any rifts with your loved ones that have been weighing you down

Learn to Access Your High Spiritual Heart

A 70-Minute Audio Teaching Plus Two Meditations From Jenai Lane

Join Jenai Lane as she takes you through a 70-minute audio teaching where you will be guided through an experiential process to enter your high spiritual heart — where non-judgemental love is infinite, wisdom is plentiful, and guidance is accessible. You’ll send forgiveness and compassion into the wounded heart, transmuting stuck and stagnant energy. You’ll also discover how to unwind the nervous system so flow can happen, as you gain access to this pure crystalline energy — the diamond within — serving not only yourself but others as well.

You’ll receive:

Meditation 1: Turn Off “The Judger” and Rest in the High Spiritual Heart 

Meditation 2: High-Heart Healing of Your Emotional and Wounded Heart

Be Your Own Best Psychic

A Guided Audio Meditation Plus Eguide From Rev. Tiffany Jean Barsotti, PhD

This bonus includes a grounding and clearing audio meditation that will help you build a solid foundation for reaching clearer intuitive states, creating inner waves of peace that can support you in taking healthy actions in your life. You’ll also receive the H.A.L.T.S/S (hungry, angry, lonely, tired, stressed/sad) self-love and self-regulation e-guide to download, which provides best practices for releasing emotions in healthy ways to avoid self-soothing techniques that can lead to addiction or abuse/harm.

Amplify Essential Energy to Heal Dis-Ease & Restore Balance

A Shift Network Course Sampler From Cyndi Dale

Curated from Cyndi Dale’s popular course Amplify Essential Energy to Heal Dis-Ease & Restore Balance, these modules will help you use the power of energy medicine — and the specific extrasensory energies of your chakras — to clear yourself of negativity and restore balance and vitality in your mind and body.

You’ll receive:

  • Module 1: Activate Your Strongest — and Hidden — Chakra Powers for Seismic Transformation
  • Module 2: Harnessing Sixth-Chakra Clairvoyance to Transmute Environmental Toxicity

Your Six Sensory Life

A Shift Network Course Sampler From Sonia Choquette

Experience two modules from Sonia Choquette, who will show you how to activate your sixth sense as the easiest, most direct way to awaken your natural psychic abilities — so you can enjoy a confident, creative, love-filled, and joyous life.

You’ll receive:

Module 1: Clearing the Past & Entering a Six Sensory Life

Module 2: Meeting Your Spirit & Seeing Yourself Through Intuitive Eyes

Awaken the Power of Your Cellular Memory to Boost Intuition, Self-Healing & Manifestation

A Shift Network Course Sampler From Marie Manuchehri, RN

In these informative modules from beloved Shift faculty Marie Manuchehri, RN, you’ll discover how to access your cellular memory, expand your consciousness, increase your capacity for psychic abilities and manifestation, and step into your magnificence as the infinite soul you are.

You’ll receive:

Module 1: Aligning to Your Authentic Cellular Memory

Module 2: How the Universe Constantly Communicates With You

Module 10: Aligning to Your Psychic Abilities Through Cellular Memory

Expand Your Innate Mediumship Skills With Soul-to-Soul Communication

A Shift Network Course Sampler From Suzanne Giesemann

Develop your mediumship skills (which we all have) in these sessions with Suzanne Giesemann. You’ll discover how you can communicate with loved ones — yours or others’ beloveds — who’ve passed, and learn to communicate with any other entity that exists in our Universe.

You’ll receive:

Module 1: Embracing All Souls’ Interconnectedness — An Overview of Mediumship 

Module 3: Making Sacred Connections With Departed Loved Ones & Pets Through Signs & Verifiable Evidence

Module 4: Using the Flowing State of Human Energy Fields to Connect With Others’ Loved Ones & Famous People

Psychic Dreaming

3 Thought-Provoking Sessions From the Dreamwork Summit

Dreams can come true… if you know how to recognize psychic and precognitive messages from your dreams. In these sessions from the Dreamwork Summit, you’ll discover the different kinds of psychic dreams, the science behind precognitive dreams, and how to enhance your own abilities.

You’ll receive:

  • Precognitive Dreaming with Gary Lachman 
  • Prophecy and Dreams: The Science of Precognition and The Unconscious Mind with Dr. Julia Mossbridge 
  • Psychic Dreaming and Dreamwork with Loyd Auerbach, MS

Healing Practices for Psychics, Intuitives, and Mediums

Sessions From the Empaths, Sensitives & Intuitives Summit and Intuitive Medicine Summit

To optimize your psychic and intuitive abilities, honing and healing the communication pathways in your body, mind, and spirit is key. With these sessions from the Empaths, Sensitives & Intuitives Summit and Intuitive Medicine Summit, you’ll be able to ground your energy, release blocks, and safely open up to the messages that await you.

You’ll receive:

  • HighSpeed Healing® - The Rapid Solution for Pain, Anxiety, and Mysterious Symptoms with Debora Wayne
  • How to Activate Your Third Eye and Master Your Intuition with Alain Torres
  • Heal Thyself: How to Use the Four Types of Intuition to Restore Wellbeing to Your Body, Mind, Heart & Spirit with Kim Chestney

You’ll receive ALL of these bonuses PLUS ongoing access to the video and audio recordings and transcripts of every series session — increasing your ability to receive, navigate, and apply vibrational insights you’ll tap into from messages, intuitive hits, and inner knowings.

Regular Price: $247


Connect With Subtle Vibrational Energies to Perceive and Apply Messages From Other Realms

Metaphysics is the non-denominational study of “ultimate cause” in the Universe. One of the most basic ideas supporting metaphysics is that everything — including your thoughts and emotions — is created from vibrational energy itself.

Meditation, prayer, and visualization practices are great ways to tune in to the vibrational energies of the psychic realms, increasing your ability to perceive the unseen.

As you hone your skills to read and interpret these energetic pulses on your radar screen, you’ll expand your awareness and consciousness

… developing an increased capacity to recognize and understand the psychic missives and intuitive aha! moments coming your way.

One of the most intriguing offerings of the Psychic & Intuitive Abilities Wisdom Collection 2023 is the invitation to more profoundly embrace your sacred, inner self…

… so you can receive and interpret the many loving blessings being gifted to you by the Universe throughout your day — and during your dreamtime too.

New avenues of scientific exploration are supporting what religious and spiritual traditions have hinted at for millennia — that it’s possible to receive clear guidance from the psychic realms.

By training yourself to enter an altered state of consciousness, you can receive subtle communications from weather, animals, sensations in the body, synchronistic occurrences, and other oracles.

Your awareness of subtle realms and beings —including totems, gods, goddesses, muses, spirits, elementals, angels, saints, avatars, and earth energies — is a powerful tool for healing…

… as you enlist the help of these spirit guides to support you, your family, your community, and the larger world.

A growing community of spiritual teachers and intuitive guides are exploring these ever-expanding frontiers, and we’ve gathered a number of the most prominent experts to share their revelatory experiences and insightful methods of navigating beyond the world we know through our physical senses.

The Psychic & Intuitive Abilities Wisdom Collection 2023 gives you access to methods for connecting safely and meaningfully with the unseen psychic realms. Prepare to emerge transformed — without fear of the unknown holding you back from accessing all that your intuition can guide you to receive.

With this invaluable resource you can turn to time and again, you’ll discover:


Here’s What You’ll Receive:

The Psychic & Intuitive Abilities Wisdom Collection 2023

The Psychic & Intuitive Abilities Wisdom Collection 2023 gives you INSTANT and ongoing access to:


Regular Price: $247



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